Sqreensavers 1.0

This is a set of 10 candylicious screensavers taken from the set of Visualisers in Rax.

A shining

Shafts of light cross each other in a neo-future Scottsman's kilt.


A 3D view of red and blue genes, or energy, or something impressive looking! (responds to audio)


Somewhere between the Arctic lights and Supermans Castle.

Antarctica by dusk? Watchable for hours. . . bbl :)

LED love

On the stockmarket of society, watch what love and apathy are trading for.


Rainbows of color warble like warbly things on glass pendulums which overlap into the black nothingness. Pretty.

Sea qreature

Morphing warping spinning strange life form which hasn't changed in sixty-hundred bajillion years.


What is this shape, and why has it been locked away? It sure looks angry. (responds to audio)


A beautiful panning and never-ending view of Northern Tasmania, Australia

Tunnel of luv

Well, maybe love in the future.

Either that or Tardis travel.

Urban texture

Star in your own hiphop video clip, with shipping crates, and spashes of paint and graffiti.



Sqreensavers 1.0

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